How to Prevent Google ADsense Invalid Click Activity

ADsense Invalid Click Activity

If you are getting high click rate on Google Adsense, your account could be highly at risk. If that is the case information provided here may be of interest to you. A few years ago, I created a Google Adsense account. It remained inactive though for quite some time now. I moved site a few months ago to a WordPress platform because of receiving too may spammed contents. I decided to make changes that I think I really should do.

When I made the move to WordPress I put Google Adsense and then I started earning around five cents to 70 cents in a day. Gradually I started to increment until I got a 2% click rate. That is sort of a normal growth that usually happens within the 25 day span. From then on, I witnessed how my account started to gain revenues from my Google Adsense account. From the starting 5 cents a days, I witnessed how the earning grew to 5 dollars in a day. For 3 consecutive days I even saw an increase of up to 22% on my click rate. But I started noticing something else after that. For a couple of days, I saw that I got a lot of clicks, surprisingly though, my earning was nil for 2 days. Something is surely not right. Sadly though, I have no idea what it is because of my lack of experience in this field. I tried checking Google analytics and saw that my website traffic was quite normal, just like in the days that I was earning good. After six days though, I got a message that my Google Adsense account was disabled due to invalid clicks.

I was dumbfounded. I knew I did not click any ads, as I know that is not allowed. So, that very same day I sent a letter of appeal. One of the questions or requests I got goes like this:

Please include any data from your traffic logs or report that indicates suspicious IP addresses, referrers, or request which could explain invalid activity.

I replied and provided the required information regarding where traffic into my website was coming from during the specified week. There was no way though that I can provide the information needed for IP addresses as it has never been my practice to track down my visitors.

It shows 188 clicks for Minneapolis.

It shows 188 clicks for Minneapolis (Data from

It shows 8 people  had visit the site.

It shows 8 people had visit the site.

Still, I did a little research and it was then that I discovered that I did get some strange traffic from Minneapolis in Minnesota. These are not-set traffic of 188 from 8 visitors from Minnesota.

After a thorough evaluation and study of the rest of the traffic information that I gathered, it turned out that Minnesota is really the culprit for the not-set traffic that I got. In my opinion, Minneapolis in Minnesota is where the AdSense invalid click  bot is located.

Just like almost everyone else, I have read about click invalid activity before. But never in my wildest dreams have I thought that it could really happen, and definitely not to me. One thing I have established from this experience is that if you have a Google Adsense account, invalid click activity bot  is a real threat to you.

My experience with invalid clicks and Google Adsense is definitely not a good one. And with that, I would like to share this and everything I learned from this experience. Keeping this to myself is not going to change things. Nor is it going to make me rich. But by sharing this experience with everyone else, I hope that the readers will learn and gain some benefits. There is nothing else I can do. As I said I couldn’t change anything anymore. My Google Adsense account is already disabled and there is simply nothing else I can do about that. It may too late for me to retrieve or reinstate my account, but I think someone else may be saved from experiencing the same dilemma. I just want to stress out that I am innocent here. There was never a single chance that I click any ad on my website. I was also very vigilant in previewing every click that I got and was so sure that they were organic. Therefore, there was nothing else to do but to accept defeat. The Adsense invalid click bot won, unfairly and unjustly.


  1. For new Adsense account, it is important to be educated first before you start. Knowing how Adsense works is surely going to make you totally prepared.
  2. It is important to make sure that your website or webpage is already getting sufficient amount of traffic before you start putting ads. You need to understand that if your traffic isn’t good enough, you could be a good candidate as a victim for invalid clicks. Remember that this could happen if you are getting low traffic, but high click rates.
  3. Do make it a regular practice to check your Adsense on a regular basis. Keep in mind that the normal percentage for click rate is either 1 % or 2 %. Once you start seeing 10%, 20% or even 30%, it is time to panic. You should report such incidents to Google Adsense immediately before you fall victim to invalid clicks.
  4. If you think that you have been a victim of clicks, it is best if you can disable your ads immediately. Just make sure that your website has the capacity to disable ads.
  5. In my opinion, third party software programs are not that helpful and efficient. Your best defense against these kinds of attacks is your common sense. It is best if you can identify the problem early on. Recognizing  invalid clicks threat will surely save your account from being disabled.

It is already too late for me and my Adsense account. And sadly, I cannot create another Adsense account. I do hope though that the information I have provided here will be able to help anyone.