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What to Look for in Blog Unique Content Writers

If you require up-to-date article content for your business website, you must have the right blog unique content writers on your team. If you need blog contents, product descriptions, or even technical content, there are several freelance writers that can help you out.

But, you have to keep in mind that you need a writer that can provide you with unique contents that can capture your audience’s attention and boost your pages’ ranking in search engines, which should eventually increase your site’s traffic.

Choose the Right Writer

There are many factors that you need to consider when you are searching for right blog unique content writers. You need one that knows your field, available most of the time, and offers affordable yet high quality service.
Make sure you select the right writer for your specific project because each writer has his own expertise. Though it can be possible for one writer to be flexible enough to write on any topic, it would be a good idea to choose one that is very much familiar with your industry. If you are searching for your writer through a freelancer site, you should always include the industry you are in and the kind of topics you need written about. That way, only the writers that know the topics and have written about them in the past will submit their applications or bid on your project. If you are dealing with a content writing service company, then specify that you want a writer that specializes in your business field.

Availability is important. You need a writer that you can get in touch with and would reply as soon as possible. It is not funny to get a reply to an email three to five days later after sending it. You want a writer that is constantly online – one that can reply through different channels like, IMs, SMSs, emails and even through phone calls. Most freelance writers are available during their working hours and even if you get a late reply, it wouldn’t be as late as two days after. In case, you ordered your content from a content company, you can expect to get answers to inquiries from their customer service features. Some websites even have hotline numbers that you can call in case you have an emergency inquiry. Being able to contact your writer or the company is important because your content may need quick touch ups, or when you realized that the submitted article has a duplicate online.

Getting content at a cheap cost is a nice thing. But you need to understand that cheap could mean poor quality, so you have to be careful about writers offering their services for very low rates. Though you may want to save some money, you shouldn’t sacrifice your page ranking for that. What you need is an affordable yet high quality content. If you are new to this, you should search around and see the average cost of an article. Writing service websites have fixed ratings and you wouldn’t able to bargain. But you may be able to get lower priced content from freelance writers, especially ones that are new in the business.

Lastly, you must always be careful when dealing with people online. It is recommended to read the ratings and reviews of the writers, the freelancing sites and the content service providers’ pages you ensure that you are dealing with a legit entity or company. You want good quality content and you should get good value for your money, so don’t just hire anyone that would offer his or her services for the cheapest cost.

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