Five SEO Strategies of the Past that You Shouldn’t Use Today

SEO strategies are used in order to please search engines. Pleasing the search engines is the way to get top rankings in search results. Due to this thread of reasoning, SEO experts and website owners have been concentrating on composing contents that are for the search engines and not for the readers. This means, contents are simply not engaging or even readable enough.

If you happen to experience a bad time because you have been punished through Google update, chances are you are still using old and useless SEO strategies. Times changed and SEO is now done to please the audience first before the search engines. After the Panda Update many old SEO techniques became invalid.
Thus, if you want to get back on track and be friendly with Google and other search engines as well, then you may need to avoid using the following old SEO strategies:

1. Link Building and Link Buying

Back in the old days, the best ways to boost search engine rankings are to build a network of sites that can be linked to each other and to generate link popularity. Then came the link farms, which are actually link sellers that offer backlink packages that are not really reliant on your niche, thus they offer no assistance to the web pages. These strategies then are not of any use for SEO today, so you should keep your self from using them again.

2. Keyword Stuffing

This is really one of the most used SEO strategies of the bygone days. Writers would be asked to write articles/contents based on keywords that do not even make sense. Then these keywords need to be mentioned at specific number of times and in specific locations within the article. In most cases, contents would appear like a composition of text with too may highlighted words or phrases. With the changes with Google though, it has now been established that good ranking is possible with good content rather than a keyword-stuffed one.

3. Spun Article Submission

This is another tactic used by website owners before. They would compose a content – or have someone else do it – and then spun it into as many results as they can, in order to be able to re-submit without committing plagiarism. This tactic though doesn’t work anymore simply because Google’s Algorithm is now more focused on relevancy than duplication, quality than quantity. Simply put, create or compose fresh, new, relevant, readable and entertaining contents instead of rewriting or spinning existing contents.

4. Hidden Text

Use of hidden text was commonly used to get spam Google and other search engines. But search engines are very smart now and then easily detect hidden text use. When that happens, there is a big possibility of your website being banned. Therefore, hiding text within your content is not a much recommended SEO technique anymore. Use of hidden text to get higher search engine rankings is a technique that may work for your site for a while. But you should know though that search engines will find a way to detect hem and therefore your website may have to pay for the consequences.

5. Too Many Ads

It is quite understandable why many websites have too many ads on their Homepages. It is a way to earn commission while waiting for conversion. But the thing is, Google is now penalizing websites with too many ads. You should keep in mind that when a reader visits your site through search engine result, it only means that he/she is looking for something in particular and search results have pointed him/her to your site. If the visitor finds more ads and has a difficult time finding the content searched for, there is a big chance that visitor with simply click back and try to find a page with fewer ads. It is still alright to place paid ads on your sites, but make sure they do not take too mush space on your site’s real estate – specifically above the fold. You should know that Google has clearly declared that doing so may result to penalties.

With the recent changes in Google’ algorithm, a lot of webmasters are actually wondering how long it will take before they can be affected. The reality is out there though; the updating has affected and still affecting a lot of websites. This simply means that if you are not going to make some changes now, you should expect two possible results: a big drop down on your website traffic or getting penalized by Google for using old and useless SEO techniques.

It is therefore, very much advisable to go with the flow and change while you still can. Do not wait for the Google ax to fall on you: do something now to eliminate the old and embrace the new.

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