How Web Article Writing Services Work

Web article writing services are being offered to help websites gain more traffic and business to gain more sales. These services are helpful in promoting products and services because they act as virtual sales persons.
If you have a website and you need to boost its search engine position to attract more readers and potential buyers, you need to find a freelancer that can help you with your web article writing needs.

How it Works

The first thing you need to do is to find writers. You can contact individual writers through different freelancing sites or you can look for sites that offer creative writing services. When you register at a freelancing site you will be able to choose the writer by posting your project and wait for interested applicants. In some sites writers bid for the projects, while in other sites writers get in touch directly to the clients. You can also try to look for writers in blog and article directory sites.

Once you found the writer that you think can help you out, you need to discuss the project with them so that you both understand what you both have to contribute. For instance, you may have to contribute the topics and the keywords and the writer will simply provide the content based on what you have provided. Or, you can ask the writer to do everything for you, like write contents for all your site’s pages. If you want a continuous blog, you have to discuss a writing calendar so that the writer knows when he/she is required to post new contents. It is also important to discuss if you expect the writer to do revisions, if needed – or if he/she has to write for SEO or for the readers, or for both.

After the content discussion, the cost should be discussed thoroughly. You can pay the writer by the hour or you can adjust the rate based on the number of words of each article.

It is also important to know if the writer can submit the articles for publication or if you have to be the one to do it. There are writers that offer full content writing services. This is a good choice if you are not too familiar with this kind of marketing campaign. You can hire a writer that will compose contents that he/she can also submit on article directories and social media.

Benefits of Web Article Writing Services

There are obviously lots of benefits that you can enjoy from web article writing services. One is that you get to have a highly optimized website that can entice more viewers to visit your pages. These visits can turn into sales and personal recommendations.

Another benefit is that you can focus on other aspect of your business knowing that your content problems are being taken care of by a professional writer.

One important benefit is that you do not have to hire an in-house staff to handle your online marketing campaigns. Your writer will provide the content, and you just pay for it, and when you need fresh content you just hire him/her again or you can hire another one if you want a new approach.

Basically, you do not have to pay too much for a content, there are many freelancers writers out there that offer affordable services. Some also offer them cheap, but then you may have to worry about content quality. Always keep in mind that you have to make sure that the writer you hire is a legitimate one and that he/she has an online portfolio that you can check out.

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Hiring Professional SEO Article Writer

The Internet is undoubtedly a big place and it has become a great source of information for so many people. The web is also the best place to promote and advertise your brand, product or services because it offers a great opportunity to perform online marketing through web content, SEO material and blogs.

How to Get Ahead of the Competition with the Help of SEO Article Writer

If you want to get more traffic into your site and pages, your best move is to make sure that your content is highly significant for both the Internet users and the search engines. However, it is important to keep in mind that you need a professional SEO article writer if you want to really get ahead of the competition.

The first thing that you need to do is to hire effective and ethical writer to get the best value for your hard-earned money. Naturally, you would want high quality articles that are full of original content and with the right keyword density to please the search engines.

To please the readers, you should make sure that the writer you hire understands the need to also compose interesting and engaging content.

It is important to investigate the writer’s portfolio. If sample contents/articles are not readily available for your inspection, you should not hesitate to request for some. It would be a whole lot better if the writer can provide you with an example of a published post that is concentrated on your niche. For example, if you have a traveling agency, your prospective SEO article writer should be one that specializes in writing travel articles. If you happen to find a new writer who has no previous published posts to boast of, you can just ask him/her to write a short sample article on a topic of your choice. With a short sample article, you will be able to easily gauge a person’s understanding of a topic. If you are checking a portfolio, you must see if the composed contents match your business voice so that you can be assured that the future articles to be written for your pages are going to be effective. Additionally, be on the lookout for a unique ability to write articles that can engage the audience in such a way that please both readers and search engines.

A good SEO article writer should also be able to provide you with links to previous articles that are positioned high on search engine results. This is going to be the proof of the writer’s ability to get the needed results. If the links provided to your appear on the first two pages of search results, then you are dealing with an effective SEO article writer.

One more important thing to keep in mind is that the writer of your choice should be updated with all the current writing techniques being used. For instance, you need to know if the writer really has suffice8nt knowledge about the significance of keyword/keyphrase density. Also, ask if the writer is familiar with the most used research strategies and tools. It is important not to forget to ask about use of the right meta tags. An expert SEO article writer will not hesitate to discuss these things to potential clients.

Lastly, your SEO article writer should know that it is important to write for people first. This simply means having the ability to compose original, engaging, helpful and pertinent content that your readers will find useful in their everyday lives. You wouldn’t want your readers to waste their time reading something that wouldn’t be helpful for them. You want your readers to read your content and then decide to buy your product or pay for your services.

Tips in Hiring Content Writing Companies

Hiring content writers is easy if you know where to look at why you need. One of the best options is to search for content writing companies online. The following are some tips on how to hire a professional writer from those companies.

Business Language

Look for a writer that understands the language used in your business field. This means that it is important to find someone who is familiar with the most common phrases and words used in the industry you are in. You may have to make a list of the terms you need on your content and then ask the writer about the terms he/she would use. If the lists match then you are dealing with the right content writer.

Experience Matters

Although it is sometimes a nice move to hire new writers, it is still better to go for the experienced once especially if you want value for your money. The obvious advantage of an experienced writer is that he/she does not need too many instructions. Most times you will just need to provide the keywords and they will instantly know what to do. If you get really lucky, you may even be able to find a writer that can do the keyword searching for you.

Ask for Samples

It is only natural to ask for sample articles. Your prospective writer may provide you with a link to his/her own blog or to pages where previously written articles are published. If you are hiring a new writer or one that cannot provide a link, then you must ask for a small article sample on a topic of your choice. You need to monitor the length of time the writer will be able to finish the sample article so that you can gauge his/her writing speed. But also keep in mind that speed is not the only basis, you also need good and engaging content.

Check for Reviews and Comments

This is one important step to make. If you are thinking of hiring a writer from a content writing service provider, you should first read the comments and the reviews for the website. That way you will know for sure if people have been generally satisfied with the services being provided. Then, you should check out each writer’s credentials and ratings from previous clients. You need to go through this process in order for you to have the guarantee that your potential writer is one that has been providing great content to other Internet marketers like you.

Cheap Versus Affordable

You need to know that cheap is not affordable. There is a big difference between these two terms. Cheap usually equates to poor quality, and you don’t want that. If you are looking for a service that you can easily pay for, you should look for affordability. There are many content writing companies that offer great services for prices that you can easily afford. Don’t just jump into any cheap promos, or you might end up having a huge headache with a content that does not attract good traffic. If you go the cheap way, you might end up paying more because you would need to hire another writer for better content.

Constant and Open Communication

A reputable and reliable content writing company is one that features 24/7 communication channel for inquiries, complaints and follow-ups. This is an important factor because you would want to be able to connect with either the company or the writer regarding the job you want done.

All in all, hiring content writing companies is one of the best options out there if you want to have great, engaging and relevant content in your pages.


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Learn More about Hiring SEO Article Writers

With the rise of the popularity of the Internet, it has now become a necessity for businesses to depend on SEO article arbiters to take their web pages to top search engine rankings. It is not that easy though to find a reliable SEO article writer, you have to search wide and vigilantly, so that you can filter out the bad eggs from the good eggs. This simply means, that among the thousands of freelance writers and writing service companies on the web, you will have to find the one that can provide you with the content that you need for your company.

Highly Enticing Portfolio

One of the best selling value of a good SEO writer is his/her portfolio, which should include the samples of previously written articles for other clients. By going through the sample articles, you would be able to gauge the writer’s composing ability – like if he/she is good at using words or phrases that are relevant to your topic or business. The writer’s communication style also proves how much experience he/she has in writing SEO content. It would be great if you can find a writer that can compose articles that are highly engaging, after all, you need contents that will convert traffic into sales. Thus, your selected SEO content writer should be able to submit articles that can give that push so that your readers become buyers.

Proof of SEO Results

Sometimes, if it best to be direct and ask the writers to show proof of their ability to get SEO results. That way, you wouldn’t be wasting both your time and theirs. You want search engine optimized content, so it is only natural that you want a writer that can provide contents that will show on the first two pages of search engine results.


It is also important to select a writer that has the flexibility to write according to your needs. For instance, you may need a writer that can turn one topic into different types of contents like press release, product review, blog content or a web page content (like in services).

Solid Writing Technique

SEO writing is a specialized field, and you would be better off making sure that your writer can show that his/her technique is one that is search engine friendly. Do not hesitate to ask questions about what the writers know regarding SEO and what their techniques are in getting good results. A skilled and experienced writer is not going to hesitate to prove the efficiency of his/her writing technique.

Ability to Provide Consistent Content Quality

There are many aspects involved in SEO writing and one that is very important in consistency. The content to be submitted to you should be original, and then written for the readers first and the search engine bots next.


How to Hire a Writer for Web Content Writing Service

Web content is very important to every Internet marketer. It is really not possible to make a web site noticeable with good content in each page. If you want your web pages to get into the top rank of search engine results, it is a good idea to write enticing and informative web content, or hire someone for web content writing service.

Effective Web Content Writing Service Writer

An effective writer can provide you with a content that fits your business mission and goals. Not only that, the content is also going to be not just informative, but entertaining as well. You wouldn’t want your readers to get bored while reading your page content; boredom usually results in dissatisfaction, which in turn could lead the reader to try another website. You certainly wouldn’t want that to happen.

Your writer should also be able to compose with the mindset of the readers in the mind. This is actually one advantage of hiring a freelance writer, because they can be very objective rather than bias. An in-house writer will writer for the benefit of the company and will probably ignore what the readers and consumers are looking for. Internet users look for information and opportunity to buy or pay for something that they can use. If your writer writes for the readers, then you are assured of higher traffic in your pages.

Types of Website Content Writing

There are several types of website writing content and each has different objectives and requirements.

Landing Page

Landing pages are those that you see in regular websites. These include the Home Page, About Us Page, and Services Page. These pages have contents that have SEO keywords and calls-to-action. The word-count of these pages ranges between 250 words and 500 words. Typically, landing pages require the most attention from both site owners and writer as these are the most difficult to compose for. Additionally, landing pages have generally the more expensive contents.

SEO Articles

contentThese are blog posts and they are commonly used for increasing website traffic. These content drive, SEO and stimulate social media networking and marketing campaigns. Additionally, blog posts are generally used to introduce a brand to the readers.

Small Blog Posts

These are similarly composed as regular blog posts but they are not published on the web pages; rather they are emailed to the clients as document files.

Linkbait Posts

linkbaitLinkbait articles are similar to standard SEO article, only longer and hyped up on overwhelming and awesome. These are articles composed in provocative ways in order to go viral. Skilled writers are needed for this kind of web content writing service.

Basically, if you are new in Internet marketing, it is advisable to initially drop the money on your landing pages. These pages are going to be your site’s salesperson. They are going to virtually entice your readers to buy, pay for or patronize your product, service or brand. Though blog posts and linkbait posts are equally important, the landing pages are going to give you the chance to tell the world what your brand is all about. Therefore, it would be a good idea to hire a professional writer that can produce high quality landing pages and with skills in composing blog and linkbait articles.

All in all, a web content writing service is one that can help you in making your site known to the users of the Internet from all over the world. It is also something that you need if you want more people to keep coming back to your site and for new readers to be enticed to visit.

What are the Importance of Content Writing Services

Content writing services are important because they provide websites with the right and informative contents that are essential to sales, traffic and SEO ranking. Whether it is for publishing of online blog, distribution of newsletter, or for simple global recognition, use of content writing services is a sure way to get good and readable content.

Content marketing is basically the creation of content that can provide value to the audience and it is required to keep your readers continuously engaged and interested. With the right content writing services, you can be assured that you have the ability to publish relevant and high quality content on a regular basis to support your important strategy component, which is to entice more people to patronize your brand.

Advantages of Hiring Writers for Content Writing Services

It is important to consider outsourcing for content writing services especially if you have limited budget and staff. You wouldn’t want to get an in-house writer that will not have daily tasks to do. With a freelance writer, you can just pay for content whenever you need it.

Freelance writers are available to provide content of every kind. You can have one writer to compose all the contents that you need, or you can have one writer for each page. It will depend on your marketing strategy. You must know that writers have different skills, techniques and specialties. Some are good at providing contents for landing pages, while others are more effective writing press releases, blog posts and linkbait articles. You need to know for sure what kinds of contents you want your writer or writers to do for you.

One advantage of hiring freelancers writers is that they know the ins and outs of the web content writing industry. They have the knowledge on what terms are commonly searched for and they do know the language Internet users understand. Sometimes, it can be tempting to write your own content especially if you have the background in writing. But it is essential to understand that your writing experience may not be enough. You need to understand a lot of factors, like SEO writing, blog post writing, how to use hyperlinks and the importance of using the right keyword density.
Freelance writers that offer web content writing services also know the importance of error-free contents.

Basically, you wouldn’t have to edit the submitted articles, as these writers automatically proof and edit their own works. This means you can just post the contents as soon as submitted. Other Internet marketers also require their writers to submit the contents directly to the web pages. To be sure that your content is effective and error-free, it is important to make the writer understand that you will be paying not just for writing but also for proofreading and editing services. You would want contents that are well-researched, copyscape passed, and free of spelling errors, grammar errors.

As mentioned above, high quality content is very important. You want your pages to be posted with articles that are readable, informative and enticing. You wouldn’t want your readers to get annoyed with content that are full of errors or articles that have no connection to what you are selling or to what the viewers need. Informative content is the key to higher web traffic and conversion. You want to be able to not just entice viewers or site visitors to read your content. You also want them to spend money on your brand, product or service. Remember that you are an Internet marketer for one specific reason, to earn money. Thus, you must fully understand the importance of web content writing services for your business.

Importance of Quality Article Writing Service for Content Marketing

People on the Web search for relevant information – content marketing provides it. Content marketing is all about letting your page content do the marketing for you. That means every single content in your website should be able to provide the needed information that is both interesting and relevant to the users looking for information on the web.
Content marketing is basically the creation and distribution of good content to potential customers. If you have the right content, Internet users are going to be redirected back into your business website. This is then your chance to get leads and make sales. Effective content marketing generates positive connections to your business, without the need for product marketing.

Quality Article Writing Service for Content Marketing

Good and creative content endures. This simply means it has a specifically long-lasting impact because it entices the users to continue visiting, clicking, reading and exploring. If your website is efficiently outfitted with the right content, it can potentially produce the right amount of traffic over a short period of time.

Quality Article Writing Service for High Ranking in Search Engine Results

High quality content is also responsible for a websites improved search engine results ranking. That is why it is highly important that you can find a company that offers quality article writing service to be performed by a highly reliable writer. You need articles that are informative and pertinent with what you are selling and in what your potential buyers are looking for.

Quality Article Writing Service for Lead Generation

Content marketing is an important part of businesses because it helps in achieving a lot of corporate objective like lead generation. If your readers are impressed with the information written on your content, then there is a big possibility that they will be more than willing to provide their contact information. The content should make the readers get interested in the product or to read more.

Quality Article Writing Service for Name Recognition

What more can be more motivating than to have your brand recognized globally? If you want this result, then you should really hire a good writer to produce enticing content that addresses the needs of your potential customers. Your content is your best weapon to extend your reach.

Quality Article Writing Service for the Consuming Public

When your content is full of useful information, there is a good chance that your readers will find something that they do not even know they need. That is why it is important to hire a writer that can compose with the needs and the views of the general public in mind. Your content should be first for the people. This means you need to make sure that your writer is very much aware that even though SEO is important, the paying public is more important.

Quality Article Writing Service for Unique Content

Though it could a bit of a task to produce a totally original content, it can be possible to compose a highly unique one. All it takes is creativity and some imagination from your writer. A good writer can make a little amount of information into a complete blog post if he/she can play with words in such a way that the composition won’t sound repetitive.

All in all, you need to do some homework when it comes to hiring a writer or a company that offer quality article writing service. It may be a little difficult, but when you know what you need, then all you have to do is to find someone that can provide those needs.

Qualities to Look for in Marketing Content Writer

If you are looking for a marketing content writer, it is important that you know what qualities you should look for. Your marketing content need to be informative, appealing and of high quality. This means you have to be very careful in choosing your writer.

Resourceful Marketing Content Writer

Well-researched content can only be produced by a highly resourceful writer. If your writer is too lazy to do some research, chances are he will submit a low-quality content with less than the right amount of information required. This is a very bad thing to happen because your contents should be full of information that your readers can understand and relate to. It is essential to keep in mind that Internet users go online mostly for the specific purpose of looking for something that can be useful for them; be it information, products or services.

Technical Marketing Content Writer

Your writer also should be technically knowledgeable, not just when you are selling technology but also because Internet users look for the most technically composed contents. This means that your content should come across as one that is composed by someone who truly understands what he/she is selling. The content should be full of words that mean something and not just terms that fill the pages.

Creative Marketing Content Writer

Creativity is important in the content writing industry. There are already many contents published out there and it can be very difficult to come up with one that is completely original. A highly creative writer though can use words more effectively than regular writers. Being creative also means proper paragraphing. Paragraphing helps the readers to understand when a topic is divided into sub-topics. Paragraphs do not stop the topic, they just give a breather. When a writer is good at paragraphing, then he/she is a creative writer.

Dependable Marketing Content Writer

You also need a writer that is dependable. It means someone that can deliver high quality content on time. It is very important that you and the writer can make an agreement regarding with the deadline of submission. Setting up a time frame for a writing project is important. You need to keep in mind that your writer could also be writing for other client and you would want him/her to have enough time in doing your project.

Affordable Marketing Content Writer

Affordability is another factor that you must look for in a writer. There are many professional, reliable and high efficient writers that do not charge too much and these are the ones that you should find. In most cases, you kind find affordable writers from the freelancing sites that can be found all over the web.

Highly Skilled Marketing Content Writer

Lastly, you need a highly skilled writer that specializes in marketing content. This means you need to hire someone who can really sell your business to the global users. Your writer should be able to make your contents SEO heavy, with your business name and relevant company phrases mentioned throughout the content in the right number of times. This is the best technique to bring your pages higher up in the search engine results, which could eventually lead to more traffic and higher conversion.

All in all, finding the best marketing content writer can be an easy task if you the qualities that you should look for. One of the best techniques is to understand that not all writers are alike. Some will be effective in providing you with exactly what you need, while some may fail you. Do not be discouraged in case, your first writer becomes a disappointment. You can always look for another writer until you find the best and the most reliable writer for you and your business.